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Visit us!

We invite you to come visit us!


The admission process consists of building a relationship that gives you and your family an opportunity to get to know the school and we have the privilege of knowing you.


Our goal is to help you making this decision that is so difficult and important: choosing s school for your children.


On a visit to our school you will have the opportunity not only to speak with our Heads o but also to witness how we teach at Godspell, our advanced pedagogical style, how we apply multiple intelligences, learning compatible with the brain, creative thinking and values ​​education.


At Godspell we have a person centered Education. Our goal is to enable our students to build a personal life project.


During your visit you will be able to talk with our students to understand what it means to be a Godspell student.

To coordinate a visit call us at 02320-407676 (int. 110) or email us at

Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


Before your visit we ask you to complete the Admissions Form.

See you soon!.


Admissions Office

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Thank you for getting in touch! We will write to you soon!

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