"Es tan grande y especial el Godspell, que no quiero que nadie se quede sin la oportunidad de vivir lo que es ser un Godspell Student"

Manuela González Bergez


Thank you for your interest in the Godspell. Below are the steps to follow to carry out the admission process:


Step 1: Complete the admission form available below.




Step 2: The school will call you to make an interview with the Heads.


Step 3: Student/s evaluation: Th Head and a Councellor will conduct a personal evaluation of each student who wishes to enter the Godspell. Evaluations vary according to the grade / year of each student.


Step 4: The family will receive notification from the school with the result of the process I


f you have any questions, please write to admissions@godspellcollege.com.ar.


Admissions Calendar

February 2020

Registration Closure for Primary, Intermediate & Senior: October 30, 2019 Kindergarten Registration Closure: November 30, 2019