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"Our school is so special, I want evreybody to be a Godspell Student"

Manuela González Bergez


Thank you for your interest in the Godspell. Below are the steps to follow to carry out the admission process:


Step 1: Complete the admission form available below.




Step 2: The school will call you to make an interview with the Heads.


Step 3: Student/s evaluation: Th Head and a Councellor will conduct a personal evaluation of each student who wishes to enter the Godspell. Evaluations vary according to the grade / year of each student.


Step 4: The family will receive notification from the school with the result of the process I


f you have any questions, please write to


Admissions Calendar

February 2022

Registration Closure for Primary, Intermediate & Senior: October 31, 2021

Kindergarten Registration Closure: November 30, 2021

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