Our History

“Godspell College was born as a result of a passion for education that was in my life and part of my family since I was very young. When I studied with Víctor García Hoz, mentor of Personalized Education, I felt the need to do something different and founded Godspell College“
Elena Ortiz de Maschwitz (School Founder).
Carlos Maschwitz - Fundador

40 Years - A Revolution in Education


Godspell College is founded in San Isidro with the proposal of a Personalized Education by Victor García Hoz.


"Recuerdo que llovió a cántaros el día antes de empezar las clases y no teníamos pasto. Charlie compró unos panes de pasto para llegar a la bandera en el medio del barro. El lunes salió el sol y fue el comienzo de lo que hoy es el colegio" 


Elena Ortiz de Maschwitz- Founder

Personalized Education was and remains the most important pillar of how it is taught in the Godspell. The PERSON is educated with an emphasis on the SINGULARITY, OPENING AND AUTONOMY of each one.



Education in values. - H. Kirschenbaun


We begin to model, instill, clarify and develop skills




"The counsellor is that professional who deals with the academic, social and emotional monitoring of students."


Ana Valle - Head of Counselling




First Cambridge Exams


Projects and Seminars


Projects allow students to deepen a topic in a more direct and meaningful way.



Think rigorously and live creatively.


Intermediate School: We restructure the levels


Centers: In Kindergarten and Primary, the class is reorganized to give students the freedom and responsibility to choose.


School Integrated Units

Moment where all disciplines come together to work a common goal, from K2 to Senior 3.



Rubrics / Ongoing assessment


At Godspell the student plans, monitors, regulates and evaluates their learning processes.





Welcome boys!


Multiple Intelligences


"All people have a spectrum of intelligences; each one more eminent in some than in others and they are combined and used in different ways."


Moira Maschwitz - General Principal



Brain Compatible Learning

We begin to study how the brain learns. We know that our previous knowledge, our emotions and ideals affect our learning. We also know that learning requires a climate of optimal interpersonal relationships and a rich physical environment.




Education for understanding

"Project Zero" Harvard


Building Background Knowledge -

Robert J. Marzano







Reggio Emilia - Loris Malaguizzi


"The wider the range of possiblities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences"


We open Godspell Tortuguitas


We moved to our new building


Millennials Generation


"If we know the characteristics of the generation of students that we have in our classes we will be able to know how they think, how they learn and how to educate them."


21st Century Skills 


Formative Assessment




Culture of Achievement


We believe the culture of a school can help students succeed both in their academic and personal life.



"We teach what is likley to matter in the lives learners live and are likely to live"

David Perkins - Lifeworthy


High School Reform

Students have the freedom to choose elective subjects of different orientations