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Godspell Team

Germán Maschwitz

Management Head

Moira Maschwitz

General Principal

About us

Simón Maschwitz

Communications & New Technologies Head

Manuela Valle

Head of Intermediate & Senior
Manuela. _
Caroline Pons
Head of Primary
Barbara Maschwitz
Head of Kindergarten
Viviana Meson
Senior Coordinator
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Laura Behrendt
Administration Coordinator
Anne Valley
Head of Counseling
Mary Pontius
Primary Coordinator
Alvaro Neighbor
Primary Counseling Coordinator
Laura Behrendt
Administration Coordinator
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Work at Godspell


Godspell Staff demonstrates leadership and passion for education. They are expert professionals who add value, have a creative and innovative attitude towards transformation.



The staff of Godspell is committed to:

  • Being enrolled with the identity of the school being a faithful model of the Godspell vision adding value.

  • Generate the necessary resources to coordinate actions effectively and proactively in order to achieve high quality results.

  • Promote active and meeting communication by strengthening the bond.

  • Work in teams actively participating, prioritizing the common good, achieving Unity.

  • Make responsible use of the information regarding students, parents and staff members.

  • Provide vocation and passion at the service of the client, internal and external.

Matrix organization

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