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Godspell Team


Germán Maschwitz

Management Head

Moira Maschwitz

General Principal

About us


Simón Maschwitz

Communications & New Technologies Head

Manuela Valle

Head of Intermediate & Senior
Manuela. _
Anne Valley
Head of Counseling
Mariana Rodriguez
Head of Primary
Barbara Maschwitz
Head of Kindergarten
Viviana Meson
Senior Coordinator
Manuela Rivas Molina
Primary Coordinator
Albana Vitullo
Kindergarten Coordinator
Mary Poncio
Primary Coordinator
Alvaro Vecino
Primary Counseling Coordinator
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Francisco Corbacho
Intermediate & Senior Counselling Coordinator
Ana Stockle
Intermediate & Senior Counselling Coordinator
Fernando Balkenende
Physical Education Coordinator
Laura Behrendt
Coordinadora de Administración
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Work at Godspell


Godspell Staff demonstrates leadership and passion for education. They are expert professionals who add value, have a creative and innovative attitude towards transformation.



The staff of Godspell is committed to:

  • Being enrolled with the identity of the school being a faithful model of the Godspell vision adding value.

  • Generate the necessary resources to coordinate actions effectively and proactively in order to achieve high quality results.

  • Promote active and meeting communication by strengthening the bond.

  • Work in teams actively participating, prioritizing the common good, achieving Unity.

  • Make responsible use of the information regarding students, parents and staff members.

  • Provide vocation and passion at the service of the client, internal and external.

Matrix organization

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