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Bilingual School

IGCSE - Cambridge International Examinations

At Godspell students have the opportunity to obtain Cambridge International certifications. We believe they prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. These international qualifications are recognized by the world's best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their bilingual education and career.

Godspell Life:

English in Kindergarten: Learning by Doing - "We speak English:

What we used to know as observable experiences, today we know from research that learning a second language is naturally done from the earliest years.

In K, we look for spaces and topics that have great meaning for children to develop conversations in contexts closest to reality. This is how large thematic units are planned that serve as a guide for experiences, conversation, dramatization and play, incorporating English naturally.


In Primary, person-centered education forces us to restructure spaces and times. The class is distributed in Centers that contemplate the development of Multiple Intelligences. They work on these in both English and Spanish. Special emphasis is placed on developing Linguistic Intelligence. We work with Daily 5 and along with reading, we teach an academic vocabulary. There are moments dedicated to the Student of the Day, and moments of Speech where special attention is paid to pronunciation and vocabulary.


At Intermediate & Senior, we develop a bilingual guidance plan that guarantees freedom of choice of opportunities. This curriculum includes the common objectives developed by the Ministry of Education, the goals that students must meet to take the IGCSE exams at the University of Cambridge and the objectives of the subjects of the first years of the university. In order to respect each student's personal differences, their uniqueness, autonomy, rigorous thinking, creativity, and to develop their eminence, flexible groups of students are organized in different areas that vary at different levels. The options increase and become more complex as students grow and develop new skills.

In Intermediate & Senior the boys have MICs (Multiple Intelligence Curriculim) different subjects that the boys choose options prioritizing their intelligences and interests. With the implementation of the High School Reform, Senior students, in addition to these, have two common “Electives” subjects and Senior III has another 2 more exclusive electives of that course. Students finish Senior III with the guidance of: Humanities and Social Sciences Economics and Management of Organizations

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