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Agreements with Universities

Austral University


Those students with an average of 8 or more over the last 6 years of secondary school (Intermediate & Senior), must not take an entry course for the careers of Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Social Communication, Business Administration, Public Accountant, Agribusiness, Advocacy, Political Science and International Relations Possibility of applying for the “Honor Scholarship” if it is among the 5 best averages of the promotion to graduate. This average must be equal to or greater than 8 points in the last 5 years.

University of Belgrano

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Direct Entry, exempting students with a general average of 7 points or more without disciplinary sanctions, from passing the subjects that make up the Entry Course. Bonus of the right of registration in case there are at least 3 regular students graduated in the last year who enroll in the University Admission Program, complying with the corresponding payment of fees.


University of Business and Social Sciences

Partial scholarship of 10% of the monthly fee for undergraduate degrees during the 1st year of the careers of Business Management, Foreign Trade, Environmental Management, Systems Programming, Tourism, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Social Communication, Design and Visual Communication, Journalism, Public and Institutional Relations, Business Administration, Public Accountant, Economics, Finance and Human Resources Exemption of payment of the Admission Process to those students who enroll in the first year in any of the mentioned careers Exemption to carry out the Admission Process to those students who have an average equal to or greater than 7 and enroll in the first year of the above mentioned careers. Benefit of 50% discount on the value of the annual tuition of the following year in case two students register jointly in the months of July, August and September.

University of San Andres


Direct Income, exempting graduates who are within the top 15% of the list of graduates of that year sorted according to the average of the grades of all the subjects taken the last 3 years (Senior), or with an equal or higher average at 8 points. Special scholarship of 20% on the current tariff to the 3 best averages (flag bearer and escorts of the National Flag. (This clause will be valid according to availability of the scholarship fund of the University of San Andres).

Salvador's university


Direct income for any of the USAL degree courses and foreign universities that have an agreement with it, except for Medicine and Dentistry

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