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From its beginning, the Godspell communes with the Personalized Education of Victor Garcia Hoz. He taught us to work with plans. The plans have as a goal that students take charge of their own learning. Students leave their passive place in learning where the teacher is the main actor, to become the main character.

The plans are units of work composed of files that are given to the students to complete in a certain time, between 2 and 3 weeks.


Benefits of the plans:

  • Students can organize their own times, respecting a scheme proposed by the teacher.

  • The “Front Page” or letter contains the goals of the unit so that students know what they should achieve, the Student's Self-Assessment and the Contract with the most complex mandatory activities and optional activities in quantity and quality.

  • The cards can be differentiated by level, talents, preferences, etc. Teachers plan different types of cards for the different needs presented in the class.

  • The cards have the written instructions, therefore it is the student who makes the process of thinking and real learning development in his folder, personally and not on the board as in traditional teaching.

Example of a Senior Plan

Example of a Primary contract:

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