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In Godspell, sport also strengthens the vision and allows the development of each of the Person's notes: singularity, autonomy and unity. At all levels, our students have the opportunity to improve their physical abilities in an environment that rewards dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Through physical education at school, physical, intellectual and emotional growth is achieved. 



In athletics we practice running, jumping, throwing, combined events, and walking. 


It is the art of surpassing the opponent's performance in speed or resistance, in distance or in height. 



It is a sport characterized by loyalty, camaraderie, work and discipline. It is fast team play with a ball and a stick. These things make this an entertaining, complete and risky sport.




Rugby is a contact sport in which the importance of control and discipline, both individual and collective, is highlighted.


It is essential that from an early age players are taught camaraderie, honesty, respect, loyalty, sacrifice, team play and altruism for this tough and demanding sport.

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Prelims & Sports


Athletics preliminaries: Students, according to their age, compete for their color in the different athletics disciplines. Among them are high jump, long jump, bullet or ball, javelin and discus. Each test adds points for your "house": Green, Red or Yellow. These are taken into account for the Sports and for the election of the Champion  (the student who achieves the highest number of points in his grade).


Sports: tournament that takes place once a year at the school where all the students participate. At the end of the day, the house that has added the most points wins the Sports Cup.


In turn, the houses dispute different cups during the year: Rugby Interhouses, Hockey Interhouses and Soccer Interhouses (Men's and Women's).



Every year, the school participates in an intercollegiate ski tournament held at Cerro Chapelco. It is a one-week trip where the children learn to share and live with responsible freedom in the city of San Martín de los Andes. 

Associations and Leagues


ACoBi - Association of Bilingual Schools:

It is a non-profit entity with pedagogical, cultural and educational purposes that promotes meetings between students to develop activities and exchange experiences.

Tournaments in which we participate: Cross Country, Primary and Secondary Athletics, Primary Rugby and Hockey, Soccer Tournament.


ADN - North Sports Association (Schools & Sports):

The Associated schools in ADN belong to private institutions of the northern corridor of Ciudad Autónoma de Bs. AS. to Pilar/Escobar. We try to group by interest levels and related sports schedules. We have more than 40 member schools.

Tournaments in which we participate: Gran Prix (Hockey and Soccer), Primary and Secondary Athletics, Cross Country.


PEP - Pilar Educational Pole:

The purpose of the institution is to promote and encourage the development of kindergartens and initial, general basic, polymodal and university education, of public and private management, in the Partido de Pilar, in order to achieve a unique level of quality and excellence. It has 20 partner institutions.

Tournaments in which we participate: Rugby/Hockey Cup, Primary and Secondary Athletics, primary athletics meeting, 3rd grade Pre-Sports and 5th and 6th grade men's and women's soccer tournament.



Sports league that promotes encounters in various disciplines and sports.

Tournaments in which we participate: Opening Tournament and Closing Tournament of Hockey/Rugby/Football.


Other tournaments in which we participate:

  • USAL (University of El Salvador)

  • Senior Hockey Tournament and Senior Soccer Tournament

  • ESPN

  • Men's and women's hockey, rugby and football tournament

  • St. Andrew (St. Andrew's Scots School)

  • Athletics Tournament for Intermediate & Senior

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