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Integrated Units

Integrated units are a time where all disciplines come together to work a common goal, from K2 to Senior 3. A generative topic is chosen, for example “Not that obvious” (Naturalistic Week) or an artistic movement, for example Pop Art (Art Week) or an artist or historical character, for example Julio Cortázar (Lingistic Week).


During those weeks our students have the opportunity to deepen and understand the generative topic, from all intelligences, studying, experimenting, innovating. They rotate classes, work with students of different ages, invite parents to participate actively and make trips so they can have a direct experience.


By living the Integrated Units in an innovative way we achieve high student motivation and therefore high quality work. At the end of the weeks the works in fairs or open classes are exposed. It is an opportunity for everyone to proudly show what they understood with a real audience, and where the entire Godspell community joins to celebrate the achievements.

2021 Godspell Integrated Units:

STEAM WEEK: Leonardo Da Vinci


2020 Godspell Art Integrated Unit: Miyazaki

2019 Godspell Integrated Unit: 40th Anniversary


Monet Logo (Art Integrated Unit

Math Week Logo

Pop Art Logo - Art Integrated Unit 2015

Pop Art Logo

Universe Logo (Naturalistic Integrated Unit)

Miró Logo - Art Week 2017

Naturalistic Week 2017 Logo

Matisse Logo - Art Week 2011

Arte Solidario 2016

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