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Body-Brain Compatible Learning

Body – Brain – Soul Compatible Learning is an advanced, multidisciplinary study, based on the question of how our brain learns best. At Godspell, the fruit of these investigations and of neurosciences become a daily lifestyle.


Today we know that our brain has immense potential to learn, that our previous knowledge, our emotions and our ideals significantly affect our learning. We also know that learning requires a climate of optimal interpersonal relationships and a physical environment enriched by aromas, colors and music. *


The findings of neuroscience have changed our ideas of how to teach and how to learn. This has profound implications in our school. The class is organized differently, evaluation, discipline and teacher-student-parent relationships are resized.


We achieve pedagogical excellence through various learning experiences with the ultimate goal of understanding concepts that can be applied on a daily basis and in the future. Throughout the school students are evaluated in their daily learning process. This implies making a documentation and monitoring the student's learning taking into account multiple intelligences. In turn, our challenge is to achieve metacognition, in which the student plans, monitors, regulates and evaluates their learning processes.


One of our 2019 goals is to generate an emotional and socially appropriate climate for learning. At Intermediate & Senior we seek to demonstrate the relationship between learning outcomes and emotional well-being. It is proven that a student who is in appropriate emotional and social conditions, really learns more and better. We seek to achieve better academic results, generate a climate of harmony and promote the empowerment of students of their own learning.


*Elena María Ortiz de Maschwitz - Multiple Intelligences in the education of the person

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