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"Start with Language or Mathematics? Make two cards in a row from the same center or make only one and then leave my place to someone else? Questions that only a Godspell student can understand... Working in centers was excellent, having the challenge of completing the contract in each plan Being able to choose whether to go to games, drama or Language, depending on the day and the desire to do one thing or the other, having the freedom to see how to organize myself.
- Oldgodspeller, Manuela González Bergez

En  primary_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Person- centered education forces us to restructure spaces and times. The class looking is not aligned in benches in front, but it is distributed in Centres for Mathematics, Library, Drama, Mini Atelier, All About, Games, Sciences, We Are Writers, where the “work personal”, which contemplate the development of Multiple Intelligences.


In Primary, special emphasis is placed on developing the  Linguistic Intelligence . By laying the groundwork for reading very well, we are paving the way for the deep and rigorous understanding needed at Intermediate & Senior to study the Natural and Social Sciences. Along with reading, Godspell teaches a academic vocabulary that arises from the research of teachers and administrators, who guided by the studies carried out by R. Marzano in the USA, they elaborate a list of specific vocabulary that is taught and learned in different styles. 


Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary - 

Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary 


In the moments dedicated to the  Student of the Day , and in the moments of  Speech   special attention is paid to the development of the -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_talk and listen.  
In the Skills groups at el Centro de "Somos Escritores", it is guided towards the deployment of personal creativity.

The projects   arise from the flexible planning of the teachers, who make their concerns, problems, and hypotheses available to the students in order to search for solutions. These are made at el Atelier.


Además de los tiempos dedicados al  trabajo personal  hay tiempos para el desarrollo de grupos de habilidades -_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_small group work - where the emphasis is on linguistic intelligence and mathematical logic.


The  emotional, intra- and interpersonal intelligences,  are worked on every day with the teacher and at special times with the 95Counsellor.95Counsellor.0_cc7cf58d_ 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_En Counselling works on self-awareness, relationships and bonds, emotional skills and social skills.


El alumno desde los primeros grados aprende a  autoevaluarse . Lo hace en sus  planes  y en su_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_portfolio personal, where the achievements and difficulties are recorded with documentation. Learning to know yourself is a very important goal of personalized education at Godspell. The teacher guides and demands high results asking the students to do their best. In Godspell the effort and the quality of the results are a value.




In Godspell you learn with joy and every day you look for the motivations and interests of the boys to develop to the fullest.

“The Godspell makes the boys assume

their obligations with joy.” 


- Sebastian Garcia Belmonte, father

The adolescent brain


The Intermediate section includes the years 1st, 2nd. and 3rd. high school; it is a stage that prepares for the Senior cycle, offering the  opportunity to strengthen the personality and develop the necessary mental skills and rigorous thinking. This is the moment when the fortification of neuronal connections occurs. 


Honors and Core 


The skills subjects (Language, Language and Mathematics, among others) are differentiated into two levels: Honours and Core according to the development achieved up to that moment. These levels are maintained in Senior School.


Academic level


With the conviction that students educated in the 21st century need, as tools for life , the "knowledge" that knowledge gives them, the "know-how" that gives them understanding and the "know-how to be ” that gives them an education in Christian values , we implement a pedagogical style that makes this educational mission a reality. This pedagogical style contemplates in the evolutionary stage of the preadolescent, the integration of knowledge. Fragmentation into a quantity of isolated subjects must be avoided by all means, since the adolescent brain does not learn what is not significant to it. The important thing is not the amount of unconnected content, but the quality of concepts that remain in long-term memory.


  • With the look of the  old paradigm, it is believed that it is important to give a lot of content to study, in textbooks, completing booklets, copying from the blackboard, making summaries and giving lessons in front of the class._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    

  • In the quality education of today, the significant contents are taken as the curricular base , part of  essential questions of the students , are made_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ direct or imitation experiences  and work from all mental abilities encompassing the multiple intelligences. The contents are fixed in the long-term memory by revisiting mental maps and in teamwork and it is evaluated with real evidence of understanding so that the concepts remain.


Emotional Intelligence: Intra and interpersonal


Godspell has always been characterized by carefully observing the student, listening with empathy to their achievements and difficulties, and seeking answers to restructure the teaching methodologies that would achieve better results. Preadolescence requires a special space and time, and teachers who understand the evolutionary stage of the student.


  • Intrapersonal: Counselors are specialized people who monitor each student, guiding them in self-knowledge. (Intrapersonal intelligence). It is the role of the counselor to guide the student in their learning processes so that they know their unique and personal way of learning and achieve the best results in their academic growth.

  • Interpersonal: Also, work in peer groups is extremely important due to the high value that students give to their peers at this stage. It is the opportunity to develop Interpersonal Intelligence, which emphasizes empathy and solidarity.


MIC or Multiple Intelligences Curriculum


At this stage, the student is in the search for himself. The educator must provide spaces for personal reflection to develop Intrapersonal Intelligence, and recognize themselves in their talents. Multiple opportunities are offered to develop these personal talents. The pedagogical basis is found in the very definition of personalized education:  “…personalized education is personalized to the extent that it is carried out in a subject that has its own characteristics, that feels obliged, compromised by his personal possibilities” (V. García Hoz).   All students are eminent in some discipline . In this space not only is it possible to develop the talents of each one, but it is also possible for students to integrate with others beyond their usual group, creating a climate conducive to learning in the creative encounter.


Literary Workshop - Community Service - Athletics - Drama - Band - Technology - Art


Evaluation: In Depth Ideas - 


At Godspell we promote rigorous thinking, thinking about oneself  "Thinking how one thinks".

In Intermediate, the Godspell student has traveled a path in self-knowledge. It is time to strengthen this discovery of weaknesses through continuous evaluations in order to act on them. It is knowing each other emotionally and from mental abilities. It is learning to know how he knows, how he thinks, how he develops a problem and how he creates other questions. It is to develop la METACOGNITION.


Rubrics   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

The teacher guides through rubrics for each subject and for big goals. In this way, the student knows in advance what is expected as a high-quality result, and just as the teacher assumes the responsibility of offering the best tools to achieve the goals, the student is responsible for achieving them. Evidence of academic and personal results are compiled in the personal portfolio.



No matter how smart you are, 

but how do you show your intelligence

The boys want to grow and feel safe at school.”


Jackie Coudeu, mother and Oldgodspeller




At Godspell we always prioritize students. This is why we were the first in our country to reform study plans. 


We prepared a bilingual guidance plan  that guarantees freedom of choice of opportunities . This curriculum covers the common objectives developed by the Ministry of Education, the goals that students must meet to sit for the IGSCE exams at the University of Cambridge and the objectives of the subjects of the first years of the university.


High School Reform


In order to respect the personal differences of each student, their uniqueness, autonomy, rigorous thinking, creativity, and to develop their eminence, flexible groupings of students are organized in different areas that vary at different levels. The options increase and become more complex as students grow and develop new skills. In Primary the students choose their workshops. At Intermediate & Senior they choose options prioritizing their intelligence and interests. With the implementation of High School Reform, Senior students have two common “Electives” subjects and Senior III has another 2 electives more exclusive to that course.


Students finish Senior III with the orientations of:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Economics and Management of Organizations


The proposals are:

Statistics – Literary Workshop – Choir – Scientific Thought – Human Resources – Philosophy – Management – Psychology – Administration & Accounting - Anthropology - Current Affairs - Art – Athletics – Murals – Drama – Band



“Think rigorously and live creatively”


This phrase from the great philosopher Alfonso López Quintas , served us as a motto on our path as educators. Rigorous thinking is a fundamental goal in Godspell, and the development of mental skills is central to students' personal worksheets.


Justify your judgments...

Clarify what you mean by...

What other reason can you give for?

Why do you agree with that person?

Extrapolate this concept

Do you acknowledge being emotionally involved?

solve this break

Can you go beyond what you're saying?

Commit to the result of your action by...

Defines and clarifies freedom



Differentiated Instruction


In order to ensure that the students  "achieve the most of themselves" , the teachers propose differentiated goals and activities within their plans. In this way, the times of each student are respected and differentiated learning styles are encouraged. The questions or problems to be solved are made more complex so that each student makes the most of their individual performance.



Cambridge International Examinations - IGCSE


At Godspell students have the opportunity to obtain Cambridge International certifications. We believe they prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. These international qualifications are recognized by the world's best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their bilingual education and career.




The seminars are evidence that the students achieved the goals of the school, achieved a real understanding of knowledge and that they also managed to transpose this knowledge to their lives.


Those students who are selected to attend a seminar choose a topic that is significant to them, research it, carry out fieldwork and interview personalities, and present it in a colloquium to school authorities.


The joy of the "work well done" - VG Hoz - of the seminar is celebrated in a presentation in front of family, friends, guests and the entire Godspell community.





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